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Drum        Tuition 121

Drum Lesson 121 with Graham Fielden

Learn to read music notation, or just play along to your favourite song, follow Rock School or Trinity College syllabus, take optional exams, or just try someting new.
Learn The Percussive Arts Society's 40 drum rudiments.
All ages from 7 t0 70, it's never too late. all levels abilities and styles.
Easy going, fun way to learn at your own pace. In your own home or at my studio.
Rock, jazz, punk, funk, reggae, pop, swing, double bass drum technique.
Lesson tailored to suit your needs.
DBS checked.

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Bespoke personal programme

Everyone is an individual.
During the first lesson we will  discuss your requirements, what you want to achieve.
I will tailor a programme designed around you.
Area's  which can be integrated into your personal programme include:
Timing, click track work
Sight reading
Constructing a solo & drum fills
40 Rudiments
Song learning and structure
Drumming grades
Rock School or Trinity College
Music theory
Stick technique & control
Traditional or matched grip
What to practice
How to tune drums

Playing with a band:
I play at a jam night  on a Sunday evening and encourage participation to give students the opportunity to play with a live band.

Advice on buying drums, building a kit etc.
Give me a call for a chat 07872665936 Graham

Love Drumming

Whenever most people see a drum they have an irrestable urge to hit it! 
Whatever your age or ability come and have fun learning the beautiful art of drumming.
Very quickly learn to play your favourite song, then come along to jam night and play it with a band!
Drumming relieves stress.
"I don't want to work, just bang on my drum all day"
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Relieve stress through drumming

As much far-fetched as it may sound, drumming has been used as a therapeutic treatment for many centuries, and has been known to help boost the mental, spiritual and physical health of the people. In fact, this ancient technique has been used by many past civilizations, such as Mongolians, and even the Mayans. According to a research carried out in recent years, drumming actually does help the physical healing of the body, along with many other various benefits, some of which are as follows:
Drumming removes anxiety
Drumming works by offering relaxation to the player, which in turn reduces the stress being experienced. Reduction of stress is very beneficial, as it reduces the chances of fatal conditions such as heart attacks, strokes or immune failure.
It helps control chronic disease
Chronic diseases or pains are controllable with few special methods. It has been scientifically proved that drumming produces endorphins within the body, which help act as a morphine-like substance which would in turn offer a short term relief from the chronic pain, and would also distract the patient from grief as well.
It boosts immunity
Researches have concluded that drumming helps boost the functioning of the immune system. According to the study carried out recently, drumming causes the bodily systems to synchronize into an orchestra, which allows them to produce virus fighting cells in a larger quantity. The study also included an experiment where cancer patients who were exposed to music began to heal more quickly than normal patients under therapy. It’s also predicted that drumming may also help produce AIDS fighting cells.
It may help control the brain
Our brain’s functions are divided into several parts, each having a different level, such as speech, vision, taste etc. Usually, we can access only a certain part of brain at a time, (one that we need). However, synchronous drumming helps access the whole brain. According to research, drumming may also be able to access parts of the brain that may seem unrecoverable, such as people with Parkinson’s disease. The rhythmic sound helps the brain connect its nodes, allowing better communication with all of its parts.
Drumming reduces the burden of emotions
Many times we feel that our emotions are blocking our progress in this world, that we are too confused within our own selves that we cannot concentrate on anything else. What drumming does is that it helps us calm down and remove these blockades one by one, by stimulating the cells through harmonious beats. It also helps realize that instead of letting your emotions out in violence, we may make use of the harmony within the drum.
Helps get out of the past
Many times, we are seen dwelling into the past experiences and daydreaming on how things might have been if some life changing decisions were made differently, and it seems almost impossible to escape from the memories of such traumatic events.
Drumming helps us live in the present moment, and gets us over the emotional status that is keeping us from moving forward.

Stress can be very difficult to cope with.
However, given the right mindset and a few techniques such as drumming, we can easily get rid of the unwanted epidemic halting us from everyday life.

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